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About your Guide

Hello my name is Cris, thanks for passing by! 

I am an outdoors geek in love with Nature.

As an academically trained Biologist and Ecologist, in the past years you might have found me studying endangered tropical island birds or spying on Golden Eagles in the Scottish mountains. In my free time you might have seen me, running on ridges, climbing icy gullies or simply strolling through woodland. Throughout these years of exploration I have developed significant experience in wild and remote places, whether for work or for leisure. 

My driving force is passion. Passion for our natural world, passion for the challenges these sometimes harsh environments pose us, and passion for learning more and more. 

My biggest desire is to involve others into this wonderful world, teach through passion but mostly through direct experience

I have been trained as a Mountain Leader in Scotland and am a qualified Professional Environmental and Hiking Guide in Italy. 


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