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Each tour is unique. As unique are the many places reachable from Rome. Such a diversity of environments leads to an even more abundant diversity of experiences ready to be made!

Here you will find just a glimpse of the many opportunities we offer. Being guided by a professional and qualified guide which knows well the local land, who is experienced in understanding and interpreting the natural environment, is in itself the best way to explore a new country and its local culture and to actually experience its vibe!

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What? Mountains near Rome?

Yes! You have read well, there are at least 10 major massifs all accessible from Rome. Most of the major summits are over 2000m in altitude with 2914m being the highest. The Central Appennines provide the locals with an astonishing venue to indulge in all sorts of mountain sports! Vast ancient woodland, Steep mountain ridges, Alpine lakes, Rich Wildlife, our mountains provide all!

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First time hiker? Want to learn more about safety and techniques in exploring the outdoors? Want to learn more about the natural history of these landscape?  Want to learn to identify Plants and Animals? We can focus any tour on the aspects you wish to learn most about. Of course these are elements always present in any tour, but carefully tailored walks can be designed making it more interesting for the youngsters and providing experiential educational value. 

Why leave the city at all?

Convenience is often a fundamental meter for how much an experience is appreciated!

With 9 Nature Reserves inside the city, Rome is without a doubt one of the greenest capitals!  Wild thick woodland, various protected species and the views of the cities famous monuments, make exploring Rome's wild side, an unforgettable experience!

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